Wedding package

Pre-marital consultations

Now that you’ve made the decision to marry it’s a great time to seek out helpful advice about creating a healthy marriage that thrives over time. As part of your wedding package, Jason is available to meet for two-to-five times to discuss issues relevant to creating a vibrant, sustaining marriage.


Ceremony planning

There are plenty of decisions to make when you’re crafting a wedding ceremony that reflects you and your relationship. What do you want to communicate in your vows? Should you include a unity candle? Would you like receive communion? What role will impromptu beat box sessions play in your ceremony? Should anyone be dressed in a penguin costume?

Jason is available for one or two planning sessions where he can lend his pastoral experience to help you create an order of ceremony that flows well and is deeply meaningful and sacred. He’ll provide you with some examples of ceremonies others have selected to give you a starting point as you customize your own. And he’ll likely tell you that when it comes to impromptu beat box sessions and penguin costumes, less (or none) is more.


Rehearsal and day-of services

Jason will, of course, be available to offer direction in your wedding rehearsal, helping you get your wedding party well-versed in the flow of the ceremony so they, like you, can play their roles with confidence on your big day.

And when the big wedding day finally arrives, Jason will be there, punctual and incredibly well-groomed, to officiate your ceremony and wish you off into wedded bliss.


Additional services

Pre-engagement consultations

If you’re in the earlier stages of your relationship and are approaching engagement, Jason is available to help walk you through a healthy engagement process. Whether you’ve already made the decision to soon engage, or are using these consultations to gauge if and when that’s your next step, Jason’s desire is to help you live out your decisions in life-giving ways.


Marital counseling

Over the long journey of marriage, there are sometimes issues that come up that can benefit from the ministry of an outside party. Jason has several years of pastoral counseling experience and would be humbled if you allowed him to come alongside you as a helpful voice during some of life’s more complex seasons.

The number of sessions will depend on your availability, the nature of the situation, and the progress made in the sessions.



The charge for Jason’s wedding package and other services vary greatly based on a number of factors (e.g., time and location of the wedding, location of consultations and related travel costs, number of counseling sessions, etc.), but the rates are very reasonable. For a specific quote, send Jason an inquiry with some initial details about your situation.